social media marketing

Facebook Marketing

On an average a person spends more than 40 minutes on the phone and most of it is on Facebook. We put you in front of those who matter to you on Facebook by creating your Facebook page and posting interesting, unique and engaging content on it. This gets you page likes from relevant audience, post shares and comments which improves your brand connect.

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn helps in case you target audience is B2B in nature. Our Linked In marketing experts reach out to your relevant target audience managing your page on LinkedIn, getting followers and engaging them with meaningful posts.

Twitter Marketing

Online Facebook a lot more organic effort can be done on twitter to build followers. Our twitter experts create your twitter handle and tweet on your behalf to build relevant followers and engage with them in real time. The right use of the Retweets, Hashtag (#) and @ options in twitter allow us to participate in relevant conversations and make our point in front of millions


Instagram is a tools to reach out to your target audience through visual content. If you are a fashion brand or if your business is related to selling designs then these platforms can get you followers and also direct conversions.

Choose the perfect plan

Choose appropriate plan which suits best to your business and budget.

Facebook Package


Per month

  • Optimize FB Page
  • 1 Social Cover
  • Engagement
  • Posts
  • 2 Posts per Week
  • Monthly Reporting

Instagram Package


Per month

  • Optimize Profile
  • Image Posting
  • Hashtag Research
  • Management
  • Image Tagging
  • Monthly Reporting

LinkedIn Package


Per month

  • Profile Setup
  • Page Creation
  • Cover Design
  • Engagement
  • Post Sharing
  • Monthly Reporting

Frequently asked questions

The importance of social media has grown exponentially over the years and so Google does not ignore it any more. If your social media handles are bussing with content that link back to your website and if these posts are enjoying good engagement like shares, comments, retweets etc then Google makes note of these social signals and this intern impacts your SEO.

Social Media Marketing is not directly measurable but our experts can track the traffic that your website got from social media and also the conversion rate of that traffic. This gives us a fair idea about the quality and relevance of audience we are engaging with which in turn helps us to fine-tune the social strategy.

Normally Social Media users expect information and it is not a sales platform but it creates ways for the sales to come in. If you set it right, your websites will get more traffic from you Social Media.

You can consider Social Media as your highly important channel although you need traditional marketing. Social Media can improve your search engine rankings, increase back links and enhance marketing efforts done through traditional approach.

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